We hold short volunteer sessions in the parks throughout the year where we undertake light gardening including weeding, pruning, and deadheading flowers, or we may undertake litter picks and small repairs to our benches.

No experience is necessary, we ask that you wear sensible footwear and bring some water, hand gel and a pair of gardening gloves.

The dates and times vary for each park and are listed below. They are not usually cancelled due to poor weather conditions, but we do update our social media with any last-minute changes so do check there.


Alexandra Recreation Ground

Meet by mural wall

Saturday 29th April 10am-12pm

Sunday 14th May 10am-12pm

Monday 22nd May 7pm- 8.30pm – Evening

Saturday 10th June 10am-12pm

Sunday 25thJune 10am-12pm

Saturday 8th July 10am-12pm

Monday 17th July 7pm- 8.30pm – Evening

Sunday 23rd July 10am-11am – Litter pick

Saturday 5th August 10am-12pm

Saturday 19th August 10am-1pm Bench refurb

Sunday 20th August 10am-1pm Bench refurb

Saturday 2nd September 10am-12pm

Sunday 24th September 10am-12pm

Saturday 7th October 10am-12pm


Cator Park

Meet by bridge / Container 

Thursday afternoons 2-4pm - email us to join the whatsapp group - occasionally we go to Alex so do sign up to the group 

Monday 8th May 7pm- 8.30pm – Evening

Sunday 21st May 10am-12pm

Monday 5th June 7pm-8.30pm Evening

Saturday 24th June 9am-10am Litter pick

Saturday 1st July 10am-1pm – Bench refurb

Sunday 2nd July 10am-1pm – Bench refurb

Monday 7th August 7pm-8.30pm Evening

Sunday 27th August 10am-12pm

Monday 4th Sept 7pm-8.30pm Evening

Saturday 30th September 10am-12pm

Sunday 15th October 10am-12pm

Volunteer gardening sessions

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