There are play areas in both parks for small children including swings, slides and climbing frames. These areas are maintained and inspected by the Council contractors idverde on a regular basis.
The Friends help with planting, weeding & litter picking of the areas.

Both areas are cordoned-off with park railings and delineated as dog free areas to help keep them as attractive play spaces and as hygienic and as non-threatening as possible.

The paddling pool in Alexandra Recreation Ground was cleaned, drained and re-filled on a daily basis each summer until 2019. See Projects page for more information on future plans. In the meantime, we ask that you please treat it with respect: it is not designed as a skate-board area nor should bicycles or scooters be used on its surface.

We are asking everyone using these areas to be mindful of litter and either take it home for recycling or use the litter-bins provided.



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